Amplified Wells™
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  • Boost your Profits & Slash Failures with our cutting-edge AI technology
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How it Works
Complete Visibility & Total Control
Amplified Wells’ wireless sensors & AI-driven platform enable true turnkey optimization of your oilfield assets.


Real-time high-resolution data is transmitted via cutting-edge wireless sensors.


Our AI-driven platform automatically detects & diagnoses both surface and downhole anomalies.


Enabling total remote control, boosting production, and slashing downtime.

Cutting-edge Technology
The Amplified Wells™ Solution

Remote pump control and automatic optimization using various high-resolution data streams from the well site.

Access precise tank-level production data and enhance your midstream workflow.

Leverage both well and tank sensor data to obtain automated well testing and efficient leak detection functionalities.

Case Studies
“Profits Amplified, Failures Minimized”
What our clients have to say

Case Study 1

“Enabling independent operators to do more with less, a Haynesville operator example.”

Case Study 2

“The benefits of AI issue detection and smart pumping unit control.”
Our Key Benefits


Boost Profits & Minimize Failures instantly.


Cutting-edge innovation significantly more affordable than any other solution.


Effortlessly install with basic tools in under 30 minutes.